{Essay} Flying my kite

by dazzlerdiary

I had the same dream again last night. I dreamt of flying a kite in the clear blue skies by the banks of a still lake. There was no wind, yet my kite soared like it was being fueled by an internal source of power. My yellow kite did not look special. Its reflection could be spotted on the still waters of the blue lake; a yellow, moving dot in the vast expanse of a blue mirror.  I am surprised by my skill to steer the kite through a windless sky. I have never flown a kite before in my life, yet I do this, like I have flown kites all my life. I feel a presence close to me. I turned around to find a little girl of about 7 or 8 and a middle –aged lady looking at me intently. I feel my kite dip in altitude because of this distraction. I pulled at the string and let the kite dip some more. Instinctively I felt the need to give the kite to the little girl. I brought the kite down and let the girl have the string. The lady looked at me and smiled, as if pleased with my actions. The dream ends.

I wake up because the alarm is piercing through my ear drums. I kept thinking about my dream while I prepped for my daughter’s tiffin for school. I have been having the same dream for three consecutive nights . Usually, I enjoy a dreamless sleep and having the same dream for three nights in a row somehow felt like an omen. Whether it was a good or a bad omen, I had to find  out. After I sent my daughter to school, I sat down at my laptop and searched for the interpretation of my dream.

Flying a kite represents a need for or recognition of, forthcoming spiritual freedom. In Chinese lore, the kite symbolized the wind. We need to be free of constraints and to be pulling our own strings, while remaining grounded. .

Were my dreams trying to tell me I could look forward to days of spiritual freedom? Did I feel the need to be spiritually free and what does spiritual freedom even mean? However, I feel optimistic about dreaming of flying a yellow kite. Do I need to sit back and allow the dream to manifest itself in my life or should I, as the dream showed, take the string in my own hands and fly my yellow kite. With those thoughts in mind, I stepped into the day to attend to my daily chores, work pressure and social commitments. But the thought of spiritual freedom stayed bringing in ideas, metaphors, analogies, experiences and reminiscences. Through the course of the day, I day dreamed about going back in time and punting on the river cam in Cambridge. I felt every emotion so deeply –  the oars hitting  the water and the gentleness of the water moving aside, making way for the punt to move forward. Grey necked ducks paddled nonchalantly with a sense of entitlement, ignoring us trespassers. Was that spiritual freedom? Or was it during that time in the morning when my daughter was all of one and waking up next to her warm and soft body, I felt a feeling of calm pervading my own. I felt selfish soaking in her divinity to fill my pores with that warm luminance. The understanding that I have right now is that spiritual freedom is about living in the moment and being aware of it and feeling every emotion deeply like you are feeling it for the first time.

I enjoyed flying my kite and I was with it in the moment. I did not feel the need to explain my enjoyment to anyone. However, I intuitively felt the need to share the same sense of joy and child –like wonder with the child who appeared at that time. In the expanse of this universe which was the still lake,  the dot, that was my kite, mattered yet didn’t. Its reflection flitted from place to place in a playful manner. Something could be non-serious and yet it could matter. My other reflection from this episode of my dream would be that to sense that behind anything that can be experienced; there is something that our minds cannot grasp whose beauty and sublimity reaches us only indirectly. I think, Einstein said that while he worked on his breakthrough scientific discoveries at a Patent office in Zurich.

I discussed the dream with a few of my thinking friends and they interpreted it differently. They thought of a kite flying in the ask as being ambitious and soaring great heights of success. Such thoughts delight and scare me at the same time. Flying high would mean, you could come crashing down any moment. But in their opinion since I didn’t see my kite crashing down yet I brought it down myself to share  it a child, meant, I knew how to handle my success and share the joy of it with others. I really liked this interpretation a lot considering it meant doing well and feeling accomplished. There could be multiple explanations to my dream but for now I can be just happy with these interpretations.

Do you feel the need to interpret your dreams like I do?