How to hold your drink & have it too ( For a parent)

by Anita Menon

It is one of those days, when I am itching to write but I do not have any idea in my head to play with. It is frustrating to say the least. It is that state of mind where ideas are bouncing of the walls but not staying long enough for more tete-a-tete.  So when Amit came home , I realized, I wasnt the only one feeling this way. He too was stressed, irritated and tired. Basically, both of us were frustrated. There are ways we could vent out our frustrations but it was too early in the evening with the baby tottering around. It wasn’t going to work out. So he made himself some rum with coke and poured me a glass of wine. We sipped and dipped for a while, talking about life and how it was treating us these days. Turns out, both of us weren’t as harassed as we thought we were. That is why alcohol is said to bring happiness and joy. The sorrows that we thought were haranguing us, was actually self-created and self improvised.

Now now, as a new mom ( not exactly new but I still like to think so) alcohol doesn’t feature regularly on my list of having a good time. Definitely not at home! In spite of it all, we decided to pump down a drink or two.

Two pegs down, and Amit started to get a bit relaxed—- indicators being, laughing louder than he usually would, being opinionated ( which usually he isn’t), asking if there is something sweet at home etc. On the other hand, I was still quite okay. Two drinks did not do much, I looked at my glass and recalled a time when two were enough for me to call it a day. As Amit sat there mulling over what he should watch now from his downloaded stuff, I decided to rake my brains to find out what had changed since then. I struggled with various theories –

1. My stomach was too full and the alcohol had no space to take its full effect

But I rubbished this, because the last proper meal I had, was at 1 pm and since then it had been just a cup of tea.

2. The wine was a lighter variety and hence the disappointment

No, this wasn’t true. The wine was a pretty good one and really potent.

3. Fat people don’t get drunk so easily.

Now this seemed to be quite plausible. So to examine the veracity of it I googled for it. And I found out—->

“Getting drunk primarily is related to the mass of the person who’s drinking. As you may have noticed women who are typically much lighter in weight than men, get drunk much faster while drinking the same amount of alcohol. A fat person gets drunk more slowly because of the mass of their body compared to the volume of the alcohol.”

Since I am heavier than I used to be once, I am more in control with the same amount /strength of alcohol than I used to be. Aye Happy News !! ( not really:())

4.  A sense of responsibility

Now that is more like it. I feel more responsible and it doesn’t let me have my way. I know my little one is tottering around and would my want my attention any time now. She would want her dinner, her potty cleaned and her evening dress changed to her night-dress. I cannot afford to be reckless and presume that I am having a good time and it is okay to feel how am feeling.

It is not okay now!

So I do all that is to be done with as much as ease, as if I hadn’t drunk at all. But alcohol being alcohol made my senses vibrant and my brain sharper. I felt a vomit building inside of me ( no , no, not the real one!!!). A vomit of words that I needed to expel out in the form of this post.

So I make up this theory of how a parent ( say a mom)can drink & hold it too!!!

Well for starters,

1. Stay focussed

Indeed you want to feel good and hence the admission of alcohol into the system but keeping sight of that tiny tot hovering around you can do both- feel sane & feel good. Trust me, it is a better place to be.

2. Deep breathing

yes, this helps. Breathing deeply releases the latent alcohol energy out and keeps your energy intact to do what is necessary. The fun doesn’t go either.

3. Play with your tiny tot

It is so much fun and strangely you will notice how smart your baby actually is which you might have missed during your non-alcoholic hours. I also get a feeling that my baby actually feels I am more fun to be with when I have downed a glass or two. Probably the alcohol brings out the child ( unrestrained) in me.

4. Once you realize that others around you are drunk, you should stop yourself and get yourself something to eat.

Setting limits is more fun and it is enjoyable to watch others( drunk) making a scene and being stupid.

This is the end of my post. Now I shall join my daughter who is busy watching – TinkerBell and the Lost Treasure.