I dream a dream..

by Anita Menon

Day dreaming is my passion. But I do not mention it anywhere in my resume, because I am afraid, people would think I am stupid or crazy. I day dream all the time. I have done it in my school classrooms, college classrooms, at work, at client meetings, even while watching a movie or taking a walk in the park.

If am watching a movie, I have already lost the plot because,  I have turned into the protagnist and doing my own stuff. Or if I am watching MasterChef, reality based, singing or dancing programmes, I am the contestant who has won the competition already and cashing in on the advantages of being a celebrity and the likes. It is so crazy that I refrain to discuss this even with my own husband out of the fear of being judged as vain. And mind you, my husband is my best friend, I tell him everything.

But this is completely out of my control. I can actually see myself standing there at the sidelines and watch my imagination take flight whilst watching a travel show on the Travel and Living Channel. The best is, when I read. These days I follow a food blog by  David leboitz (http://www.davidlebovitz.com) who is a chef, basically a baker who has written books on desserts, cakes, and about living a sweet life in Paris. It is a wonderful account and his style of writing has such a thrill about it that I see myself doing Julia Child at the local markets of Paris.

This addiction of day dreaming can be quite frustrating at times, because:
1. You have lost the drift of the conversation with friends, while you’re in Morocco eating couscous with absolute strangers in the day-dream.

2. You feel like a total sucker for indulging in such vacillating fantasies that have  no basis of ever becoming real.

3. Most of the times, you feel like an under achiever, you feel vain and ashamed about being so fleeting

4. You start discussing these day dreams that you, ONLY you think are serious thoughts that could change your life. And since you have different ambitions every other day, people stop taking you / your thoughts seriously. You feel lost in life and like you have absolutely no direction whatsoever.

This has been a constant struggle all my life and that I am able to get some work done with all the day dreaming, surprises me constantly. Now that am writing a post on the same, I am already dreaming that this would lead to a self help book, and am sitting in a crowded book store, signing copies for people. I am the No. 1 bestseller in the country.

Funnily, I am a Taurus and am supposed to be practical, down to earth and out right industrious. Guess I am just a bull with wings !! ( PJ inspired by the RedBull Advertisement)

Sometimes, I remember,

I had a kindergarten teacher, Flora teacher or was it Margeret Teacher, I can not recall correctly right now. But she was a kind faced teacher who probably realized soon enough that most of the times, I am just not aware about what is happening around me. While my classmates were busy scribbling crayons or pulling each others’ pigtails, I was already at some place nice. She once asked me what I was thinking about and I very vividly remember telling, I am thinking about a Green Cat. So she gave me some crayons and asked me to draw it. And I drew a Green Cat. I remember feeling so happy to actually see my thought turn to a something remotely real. I drew the same Green Cat in a drawing examination and got just passing marks with a remark for my parents, ” Anita should know that Green Cats do not exist. Please teach her how real cats look like” .My dad signed my drawing sheet and my mom repeatedly made me draw a light brown colored cat.

I do not remember much from my childhood, except it was very happy and I used to play a lot. But I was also very quiet probably because nobody could really understand why I thought or day dreamed about Green Cats.

The intent of this post is still unclear but I needed to pen this down because later in life if my daughter says that she is thinking of blue, green or red cats, I can show her, that I dreamed about it too.