I Miss…

by Anita Menon

I have been on this nostalgic trip for this entire last week. Though I am excited about the future and have always been the one to never look back, the last week brought me to a very different place altogether. I miss being the ‘old’ me. Rummaging throug Image Archive of Amit’s cell phone, I found 3 photographs of me. Here they are:


My Old Home

I miss my home in Greater Noida. It was a space like no other. Now strangers live there. Ofcourse they pay us but it was my space. It is so difficult to let it all go.


My Old Wardrobe

I miss my clothes, my collection. I gave it all away because I was too depressed about having put on so much of weight. I saw no hope of ever being able to wear them again. But giving them away made me feel lighter, like there was less baggage to carry. It was a way to begin afresh. To all the people who might be wearing my clothes, please treat them well.


The Old Me

I am trying my best to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. It’s a long road uphill. It’s going to be tiring and frustrating. But I have to get there. But that doesn’t mean that I would become the same ‘old’ person that I was. I have moved on, built on  my older self – for better or for worse:)