I want to die eating!

by Anita Menon

“Eat me!!” ,”Buy me!!” shout at me all the wonderful colored packets of eats and savouries at the super market aisle.  But I ignore them to continue at the vegetable section to buy my favourite veggies and then to the magazine counter to buy my copy of Vogue featuring Deepika Padakone.  I have taken to try this new diet oops eating pattern from a book that I recently read by Rujuta Diwekar. This is called ” Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight”.  I have been on it for the past four days now and I feel great. I don’t feel deprived, starved or malnutrition.  I feel good, my mood’s great and I know something good is happening in here.

Before I embark on how and what I am doing I need to write about how I select books that I read. I seldom read books that are referred. Even if I embark on buying a highly recommended book, when I actually go to a book store, I end up buying something else. It so happens that when I enter the book store there are some specific books that call out to me as they tell me ” Read me! ” “Read me!” and I cannot but help pick them up though they might be at the end of the list of popular books. I usually like what I pick up and I know, have made a good choice. So there, now you know it, I am almost always guided by my instinct. But this is strictly with respect to inanimate objects because when it comes to the species of homo sapiens, I have the worst possible instinct and end up meeting all the wrong kinds.

Also another thing about me – I love food. Whenever I think of food, I inadvertently think of my mother and vice versa.  I know why that is, because my ma makes the most amazing food one can ever eat. I start to salivate the moment I think of the mind-boggling recipes she conjures out in minutes. As a child, one would always find me eating or playing. These were two of my favourite activities and my mother made sure that I was always full and happy.  Thus began my love affair with food and exercise/sport. Now as a grown up, I still love to eat but as a result of decade of bad diets, bad habits and zero discipline,my metabolism has slowed down and I pile on faster than I can actually eat. Also, I do not have many opportunities to pursue any kind of sport so I have taken up exercising which I find equally satisfying.  So my obsession with food continues and hence my weight keeps yo -yoing much to my dissatisfaction.

Now for this book, I bought it at the Cochin airport for 299/- and after reading it I feel it is totally paisa vasool. Written with a desi flavour, this is the first diet book that:

1) Talked about eating and not starving

2) Talked about health benefits and not just body aesthetics

3) Talked about loving your body the way it is – imperfect

4) Talked about our Indian methods of cooking, Indian recipes being better than the western counter parts.

5) Treated Fat people as human beings

6) Talked about diet not being the only way to lose weight and that it has to be supported by exercise.

I found it all be logical and do-able.  It talks about four important principles to follow which for me its easy to follow:

1) Never wake up to a chai or coffee in the morning

2) Eat every 2 hours

3) Increase intake with increase in activity and decrease intake with decrease of activity

4) Eat atleast 2 hours before you sleep.

I have been following this to the tee for the past four days and I feel good. Not bloated  or constipated and the most importantly of all not guilty of eating.

Thanks Rujuta. Even if don’t lose weight ( I will I know), I am happy that you taught me how to eat sensibly as you put it ” It’s not what you eat, it’s when you eat that makes the difference”

If I achieve my goal you would be the person I would have to thank.