Only you..

by Anita Menon

It has been the perfect day today, until, I was caught unwary by a junior (school) on facebook chat. At first, I did not recognize him at all. After a lot of prodding, I faintly remembered him as being the scrawny little kid. He first tactfully compliments on the photographs, congratulates me for having Mimi, getting married and all that. Then he says, “You know, back in school, my friends and I called you ‘Humpty- Dumpty’! Don’t mind though. It was a long time ago.”

I was stumped. Now really, I could put up with a lot of name-calling but ‘Humpty Dumpty’ knocked my socks off. I felt clearly humiliated. Hours passed and I couldn’t shake that thought out of my head.  I mean, did I look like an egg? Was I bald? I mean what was it? Ofcourse, I am not going to ask him,what made them call me that.

Grumpy and feeling totally annoyed about having a perfect day ruined by such a silly thing, I wrote an email to my husband.

I wrote this,

” One of my juniors confessed today that they called me humpty dumpty in School!

Does so much for my insecurities and my level of confidence!!!:-(“
This was the first day of the working week and I didn’t expect him to answer it well before ,say, the end of th day.
Pat came the reply,
“Humpty dumpty was the biggest gun of its kind in its time. The only issue was that before it could be fired the supporting wall gave away thus losing its advantage. Thats how it became a popular  poem.

You are the same. You are a smart and confident, ready to fire and this time the wall will stand !”

Instantly, as all the dark clouds were pushed away by rays of sun light, the audience inside my head, stood up and cheered. They said to him, in my head,”Well said! ONLY YOU CAN make her feel this way.”