Relaxation can only be Earned

by Anita Menon

“If you feel like studying, study, but don’t waste time. Just sitting, you become more and more lazy…and laziness is not good. Laziness is not relaxing. A lazy person cannot relax. Only a person who is doing hard work can relax. Relaxation has to be earned. Doing is always good because it helps the integration of the being. Whatsoever profession you choose, remember it has to be basically your vocation also. Your love should be there. Whatsoever you choose – singing, educating children, dancing, plumbing, or whatsoever – it has to be your love. Then it gives growth, inspiration, impetus, and it creates a nucleus in your being around which, by and by, you start crystallizing” OSHO

I am a big FAN of OSHO and this particular excerpt swept me away! I also believe in being a Karmayogi and this completely defines my motto in life!