She came, She saw, She conquered!!

by Anita Menon

My baby is growing up and one day if she ever reads this blog I would like her to know how her every little detail matters so much to me. If it were possible, I would have documented second by second of it all! Well, this particular post is about an achievement. Her achievement.  In the last few weeks her naughtiness level has inched a few notches higher and this is the latest.

The rampage began thus

War zone 1

Then she moved to the next target.

War Zone -2

Then she spotted something on the bed which  she wanted badly. Never before has she attempted this. There was a look of conviction in her eyes. But the moment she caught sight of me with the camera that looked changed into a sheepish grin.

Its just the beginning…

Thereafter she did something totally unexpected…





Back to work!!!

So this was the first time she climbed the bed and her only motivation to do that being the box of tissues! After that she climbed up and down several time and she had that look of accomplishment in her eyes. It was as if she wanted me to acknowledge the fact that she did something new, something she hadn’t done before! So this post is dedicated to the “look of accomplishment” and many more that I am eager witness, and be a part of.