What my Mims is made of…

by Anita Menon

You know, I cannot have enough. I just melt.

It’s unbearable and then I have to do it. It like temptation on two legs, rather fours, in this case!

Yea, I am talking about Mimi. When I look at her and her round pudgy, cute little face, her beautiful eyes, and her little tiny hands , I just melt.

When she is crawling on her fours wriggling her bottom she looks so adorable and after crawling four paces she would turn back to look at me, meaning are you not going to follow me/are you looking at what amazing thing I am going to do right now/are you looking at me/ are you not going to stop me, I might fall off the bed !!! It’s then I am shaken up from my reverie and I rush to hold her and stop her from tumbling down. And then she smiles, I just melt.

I feel I have seen so many kids, but none so cute and tempting! ( There! a narcissist mother talking!).

I feel shes made up of my favourite flavour- chocolate, vanilla,butterscotch, finely blended together to get that beautiful choco creamy look and feel and mmmmmmmmm she tastes awesome.

This is what I feel sometimes and the other times, I feel, she’s this mushy gooey dark chocolate and some raisins thrown in for effect. With some strawberry sauce on top. Wow! And when one looks like that all you do is go down on your knees, pick her up and squeeze her and kiss her all over.

She enjoys it totally!

And the times other than , the other times, I feel she is this rich coffee with hazel nut flavour and the aroma does make you feel like this is all you want to wake up to each day.

Sometimes, when she wears violet or purple does she look like a blueberry muffin. The kind that melts in your mouth and then you cannot wait to have another mouthful

On some nights when she is no mood to sleep, we loll around playfully and believe me she tastes like apple crumble pie and in her snoppy printed PJs she looks like a pie with nuts for toppings.

Lot of Saturdays when she is all dressed to go out she looks like a christmas pudding – sweet and so delicious.

After a good bath each day, when she is all squeaky clean, she tastes like warm cup of cocoa, after which you can sleep for hours feeling all content and happy.

So now that she is growing up each day, taller and more beautiful, she looks like different wonderful things each day.


I cannot wait to find out because each day she tastes, looks, feels so magically different.