Guest Post – Work of Fiction

by Anita Menon

Prateek Bagri is a fellow blogger who describes himself as being an anime addict, a humourist, a blogger ( most importantly) and an engineering student. He blogs at We have been following each other’s blog for quite sometime and give constructive feedback on how to improve our writing skills. Prateek specializes in writing quirky and funny pieces. His posts regarding the fascination of the general public with saas-bahu saga, bollywood influences in our life drip with sarcasm and smart wit.

A few days back he wrote to me that he needed me to do a guest post for him. He had his exams going on that made it difficult for him to post regularly. I accepted gladly since this was the first time I was going to do a guest post for a fellow blogger. He insisted that I do a funny piece and none of those baking related stuff that I usually post. I found this reasonable as it would be a total mismatch if his readers were to read about making tea breads and cupcakes instead of the usual fun pieces. It was challenge but fun at the same time to do this piece of fiction for Prateek’s blog.

You can go ahead and read it here