Musings of a New Mom

by Anita Menon

Time and again, I keep coming back to this question. Should I still carry on with the  ”Musings of a New Mom” category on my blog? After all, its been some time now. My baby is all of 16 months and going on 17  * reminds of that Kajol- Ajay Devgan’s cheesy number*. Well, so that’s how things are, where I feel, I need to stop posting anything in this category, maybe create a new one or simply change the name of the category to Musings of a Mum.

This is when a horrific incident occurred. Horrific by baby standards.

My baby is the girl version of “Dennis the Menace” . She reminds me of Dennis all the time with her little antics and how she gets into trouble. Though she doesn’t talk as yet, but I know she’s going to be a chatterbox.

So this was a normal day with all the normal things which include chasing after her, cleaning up after her, picking her up as she would have fallen from the sofa, off the dinning table and all sorts of places. She has bruises, scratches, swelling almost everywhere on her body and that is pretty okay. So that’s our normal day. Now it was almost evening and I was waiting for Amit to come back home. Very recently we bought  Mimi a Swing and were in the process of assembling the thing. Nearly half way, we couldn’t figure it out, so we ( Amit & I) left it at that.  Now my lil lady got busy exploring it and I was busy in the kitchen with something. The half – assembled  structure was rested against the wall in the hall way. All of a sudden I heard loud thud and then a heart-rending shriek. I ran, almost slipping on my way to see my baby, face down against the floor. I picked her up and realized almost immediately this was not some ordinary fall. I looked for bruises and bumps all over. I was almost relieved that there were none in sight when I noticed drops of blood on my hand and my dress. Her nose was bleeding profusely. I quickly reached for a tissue to stop the flow. I also rushed to get some ice but she wouldn’t let me touch her face. Her blood curdling screams were making my brain freeze. Soon I realized she had split lip too. Finally I did manage to put some sugar around her upper lips.

Almost immediately she went to sleep. I felt that my knees had gone weak and my chest had clamped. I found it difficult to breathe for quite some time and my voice was shaky when I called my husband to come home quickly. As I waited for him to come home so that we could go to the hospital, I cried copious amount of tears. I felt out of control and helpless. The bleeding had stopped when she went to sleep and that’s when I regained some composure.

Being a mom is not easy. Each time something to this effect happens, I have a renewed respect for my parents and especially my mother. It is quite possible that one would understand the tricks of the trade after one has had many children or after years of being a mom, but for now I have the answer to my question.

I am going to keep my category just as it is.

All the while, when I thought – being a mother- I have got this! Its is then, when she throws  some challenge at me, some entirely new situation, something that I would have never anticipated.

I am forever going to remain a New Mom.