The End But Not Quite

by Anita Menon

This is a special note for anyone who has read The Come Back so far. Thank you for being on this journey with me. It was because of your encouragement and goodwill that I managed to traverse so many chapters and made it so far. Never in my dreams did I think I had it in me to write so much. But I did and it is only because of all the encouraging feedback I got from you all.

I need to stop the series here on the blog because I intend to publish this in the near future. That would require me to keep the ending a secret until it sees the daylight in print. It would be a proud moment for me and with your good wishes, I am sure I will be able to make this a reality. Insha Allah!

I am in the process of writing the concluding chapters ( max 4 I think and round it off at 40) and I aim at finishing it before the 29th of April. I have given myself a long gap to finish it because I find I am increasingly in short of time after I have started working.

But 1 month is a good enough time to finish 4 chapters ( 1 per weekend) which I would definitely share if you email me on my personal id : dazzler29at gmail dot com

I feel since you have read it so far, you have every right to know what happens to all the characters in the end as many questions need to be answered.

So do email me with ” The Come Back” as the subject and I will respond back with the chapters in the same email. I should be able to do this in the first week of May.

Thank you again and wish me luck!