Weight loss through hynotheraphy.. Join Anna Vidali #Bahrain

by Anita Menon

Weight loss is a topic I rarely talk about on my blog. It is a sensitive issue that bothers me every waking hour and I refrain from discussing my diet or my exercise schedule in public. Almost all my efforts towards losing weight and going back to my pre -pregnancy weight haven’t yielded any results. Over 8 months of my pregnancy which were undeniably the best times of my life, I gained a total of 30 kgs. After the birth of my daughter I managed to shake off only 12 kgs and it has been over 4 years now. I consider myself a consumer of whole foods and primarily a vegetarian and moderately fit since I exercise on and off. Yet I am far from reaching my ideal body weight. It is frustrating and especially being a food blogger doesn’t help. To taste new food and to bake buttery treats is something I enjoy. But  it doesn’t mean I sample them generously. But food forms a big part of my life and  I am always planning my next meal.

I constantly crib about my weight and the way I look. The biggest disappointment is when I don’t get my size in my favourite brands when I go shopping. Almost always after every shopping expedition I find myself in a tizzy trying new diets or weight loss plans. It is only recently that I decided to give my worried mind a rest and I cannot tell you the amount of freedom I feel now. It was like I was in a prison with no lock and I never realized it until now. I walked out of my cell and I ate whatever I wanted in moderation and most importantly without feeling guilty. During this moment of metamorphosis  I came across this opportunity through a friend and psychologist, Dr.Puja Taneja. She ran me through the concept of getting back to my ideal weight through re-wiring my mind to think in a certain way that helps my body lose the unwanted weight. It seemed magical to me and I wanted to know more.

Puja got me in touch with Anna Vidali, who is a world renowned Australian clinical hypnotherapist who specializes in successful weight loss programs. Here is an extract of my conversation with Anna where I asked her a few questions  about the program itself and how she intends to help people like me who want to desperately lose weight but have continuously failed to do so.

Me: Hi Anna, thank for taking time out to answer some questions that have been meaning to ask since the time I got to know about the weight loss through hypnotheraphy. Can you tell me a bit more about what this is all about?

Anna: Thank you, Anita for showing enthusiasm and taking that first step towards making the choice to live a healthy life. Well, before I tell you about the program, I would like to know what are your health goals?

Me: Well, they are as simple as get healthy, look better, feel better about myself, eat right and so on.

Anna: Then you are on the right path where you have mentally shown the keenness to make a conscious change to your lifestyle. My program is called the “Enteric Intelligence – The Virtual gastric band weight loss program”.  Through this program I can help the participants of the program earn their body.

Me: I am so intrigued by the concept. Do tell me more..

Anna: You already know about healthy eating and exercise, but perhaps you’ve found that this knowledge is not enough. There are also certain emotional resources required. You need focus, calmness, determination, resilience, optimism, and emotional energy. In fact, you already have all of these inner strengths. All you need is a way to bring them out. This program allows you to progress through an interesting, enjoyable and relaxing experience which will both surprise and delight you. There is no self-sabotage, no feeling deprived, no despair or preoccupations with weight or food. Fear and self-loathing simply melts away, along with unwanted fat. You feel healthier and happier than you have in years and you remain in charge of your self every step of the way.

It will help you do all of the following through hypnotherapy:

1. Identify, understand and listen to your body’s many cries for help
2. Lose interest in self-destructive comfort eating
3. Become absolutely determined to succeed
4. Have an increased desire and appreciation for exercise and wholesome, nutritional and healthy eating experiences
5. Enjoy your transformation and feel an increase in motivation and confidence each day
6. Reduce your current stress levels by up to (and more than) 50%
7. Learn how to easily relax and let your mind do all the work.

Me: That sounds revolutionary… What else do you offer your participants?

Anna: Through my sessions  I can help  the participants do away with their mental blocks and help them learn new techniques to train their minds. The participants also receive complimentary maintenance recordings that will ensure they continue to benefit from the program well after I have left Bahrain to return to my country. These recordings are designed for the participant’s exclusive use and will enable them to continue to benefit from the program all the way to their final weight loss goals and beyond.

Me: What do you think of the weight loss industry and the products, services and treatments that it has to offer?

Anna: The old ideas around weight loss are serving only the pockets of the rich weight loss industry that wants us to remain unhappy with ourselves so that they can continue to sell us their ultimately failing potions and products. My empowering program will help you to breakthrough this industry deception and brings weight management back into the hands it belongs… Yours! You are your most powerful, positive and effective resource. Your body is the source of all your healthy lifestyle answers. When you know how to understand the language of your body, you also learn to listen to its needs, non-judgmentally and lovingly. Your body is your gift of life, here and now, today. To listen to it, understand it and address its health needs is as easy as it is to listen to, understand and nurture the health needs of your children. And we all know what that takes, whether we have children or not. We all know that the magic ingredient for caring for our children is, Love! That is the pre-requisite I will help you discover you already have. If you did not have as much ‘love’ for your life and the health of your body, as you would ‘love’ your own child, you would not be wanting to reach your healthy goal weight in the first place.

Finding and releasing it is all that is truly needed to achieve ongoing health and self acceptance.

Me: I can’t wait to get to attend your session. When is it happening?

Anna: I am going to be in Bahrain on the 9th, 10th, 11th and the 12th of January. You are welcome to attend a live 3 hour presentation and group hypnosis program (limited to 10 participants per program) Or attend two private 90 min sessions exclusively.

Me: Anna, Bahrain is excited that you will be here and I am sure your successful and revolutionary program is going to make a huge difference in the lives of many who are struggling to lose weight and make a lifestyle change. Thank for taking time out to answer my questions and I can’t wait to get started.

For all those who want to register for this radical program would have to contact Dr. Puja Taneja ( +973-36452942)

About Anna Vidali

ANNA VIDALI is a graduate of the Academy of Hypnotic Science, Australia’s only Government Accredited School of Hypnotic Science in Victoria. She is an Australian Certified and Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist; Clinical Ego State Therapist; full practitioner Member of Academy of Hypnotic Science and AESTA, Australian Ego State Therapy Association, with over 15 years of counselling and private practice experience. Anna has developed and delivered her powerful weight loss success program to over 1500 people in Australia and internationally, using her Enteric Intelligence – Virtual Gastric Band – Weight Loss Program.

About Puja Taneja

Dr. Puja Taneja Malhotra is Ph.D. in Psychology with specialization in emotional maturity and personality type in relation to well being and stress. For her Ph.D, she developed a tool for measuring emotional maturity which gave her insight into the subject and into the intricacies of dealing with people of different age groups. Her training in different therapies with knowledge in subject helps her in taking care of her clients. For the Entric Intelligence program, Puja has made special efforts towards bring Anna Vidali to Bahrain.

To enroll for the program, you can contact

Dr. Puja Taneja Malhotra
Ph.D. Psychology
Psychological Consultant, Trainer & Coach
Esho Funi Consultants W.L.L.